Exploratory Data Analysis: client targeting at gym  

Linear Regression: car resales 

Classification & Logistic Regression: personal loan 

Ensemble Techniques: travel package 

Model Tuning: bank churning

Unsupervised Learning: bank segmentation

Neutral Networks: bank churning 

Computer Vision: plant seedling & COVID19 patient image classification with CNN

Natural Language Processing: airline twitter sentiment analysis


Business Analytics 


Data Queries and Visualisation Basics:

HR Attrition in Power BI 

Application Implementation:

Testing of HR Attrition in Power BI 

Agile Leadership and Management:

Measuring Software Business Performance Metrics 

Marketing Analytics: 

Marketing Research for Food Chain in Power BI

Operational Analytics: Student, faculty and management dashboards for a school 

Analytics Implementation: Retail analytics 



Machine Learning in Business Applications